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Admirable attempt at painting a balanced picture of what is really happening in the middle east. Seems very credible. Please research the 'holocaust' properly. While you're at it have a look into the Ukranian Holodomor and who was behind it.

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Best policy is to stay neutral

Mainstream media is not a trusted source of information

Good article showing the deep state’s dirty hands

Save Israel for last ...

More sleepers to wake up to the global manipulation

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Thanks Stephen, good to know more people think this way.

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Be prepared for lots of swearing from Brendon O'Connell, and Aussie journalist who focus on what mainstream and 'alternate' mainstream media won't touch. This video made in late Oct 2023.


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Israel wants its canal - through Gaza. This might be one reason why Israel wants to remove Palestinians from Gaza. They have big plans for that area.


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Seems they have the required heifers, but what about the messiah? Who is he (sure to be male)?

Its likely there is a big theatrical event planned and pre-prepared by the zionists. The show must go on!

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Thanks Stephen - this is pretty much what I understood, but I certainly couldn't support my understanding with facts.

Given the two current wars, Ukraine and Gaza, do you have a narrative that stands back a step and incorporates them both into a unified story?

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HAMAS - ALWAYS a MOSSAD 'Asset'= WHAT? CIA - Al Qaeda - 'CarWashing'! On & On!

You'd think that Mossad/Unit 81/8200 WOULD come up with SOMETHING more 'Original' Than Las Vegas Music Festival Antics - HEY FOLKS, PelleTier, Has MOVED ON to Maui!

WHERE did HAMAS, Get ALL of it's 'KIT' from to 'Aerial' Invade Palestine - ER Sorry IS-RAIL, - 'From'? = Israeli 'Surplus'? AND WHO, ' STOOD DOWN' ALL Metrics of 'HOME' Defence, along with MIS/DISarming Local Security? NOW it's starting to sound like NORADS 'Operation Northern Vigilance' on Sept 11th!! - LOL! Or Maybe THE U.K's Operations on London 7/7 - CONvenience, IS, where 'THEY' Find IT! = Operation Gladio - NATO= STILL ACTIVE!

Wellness - NOTHING IS COINCIDENCE. Sun Tzu - The Art of War.

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On December 16, it was alleged that "Hamas rockets" were fired at the Al Aqsa Mosque, and Israel responded by protecting the sacred site with their Iron Dome system... It should be apparent that this "Hamas rocket attack" was Mossad coordinated (like most inexplicable conflict-expanding "rocket attacks"), and this was merely a means of setting a precedent, and absolving future Israeli culpability for when such suspicious rockets actually hit and destroy Al Aqsa. Indeed, why would Hamas (from the West Bank, not Gaza) target the third most sacred site within the Islamic world, a site that Israel needs to erase to commence building their Third Tower? They would not.

In my piece, I have ventured to explain why the destruction of Al Aqsa is one of the key objectives of the current "Israel-Gaza conflict."


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I have some caveats to an otherwise admirable article.

Mr Reason neglects to mention the role of (futurist, dispensationalist) Christian Zionism in the USA, with 7m members in Rev. Hagee's CUFI. Their belief in their own reading of Book of Revelation is central, as such "Christians" see Jews as a means to their New Jerusalem end . The prominence of such Zionists at top levels in US Federal governments (Pompeo, Pence, Bolton, to name just a few) should not be overlooked.

Secondly, the sentence under the photo of Temple Mount with its two mosques is wrong, because Al Aqsa mosque, shown in subphoto 2, is NOT the same as the Dome of the Rock, shown in photo 3.

Third, while the article has 28 footnotes, it could easily stand 50 or 100, because any statement made about an apparent false flag op is battling the Narrative and so has to document literally any statement. 9/11 Truthers have it easier, as they often deal in facts of physics and engineering.

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Half right.

I find it interesting that publications dismissed as propaganda during covid, are now fact when it comes to Jewish people.

What you missed is the UN's 'zionism is racism' campaign in 1975. They spent 10 years replacing references to 'colonialism' in Israel with the word Zionism. Even just a Jewish women's sewing group who wrote to someone pleading for assistance to get out of Germany - now appears in wikipedia as a 'Zionist Women's association'

Rothschild started buying land in the area off the Ottoman empire in the 1800s - right after he arranged the sale of the controlling portion of the suez canal to the British Government.

Palestine was a British state. owned by the British, controlled by the UN.

Jewish people - as per usual, were simply being used to build them a beautiful city with their own wealth.

Actua;lly, none of the Jews in Germany were interested.

The Orthodox Jews - who everyone loves - but has no idea who they are - THEY pRomoted the German boycott by Jews - they started this from the safety of America. They outwardly promoted communism and disgusting habits - promoting them as Judaism.

When the hatred by this STILL did not encourage German Jews to give up their good lives for the new British colony - they came up with another ‘solution’ that would take away their choice.

During the 28 years of BRITISH palestine - the UN funded Jewish and Arab mercenaries - thinking that's how the problems forced on these people should be handled.

The British White Paper 1939? Is the official record of the Balfour agreement - you can read about how Jewish people were to come second to Arabs - not a jewish state - jewish people were banned from buying land.

The Havaara agreement - if you care about factual information - you will need to purchase from the British government website - as it's a deal between Germans and British.

Here are some things you can look at if you’re interested in facts. You can go on from these sites to read all about the Arab attack on Israelis in 1948 - long before the attack happened.

Everyone is loyal to Arab oil first.

Who is number 1 on the WEF members list?

As for the satanic side of things - look up Edgardo Mortara.

Or have a watch of https://youtu.be/RHwCHsJiHZo?si=MoOSDyKOKwXO10U5

Or God forbid - read the Old Testament! That IS Judaism. It's what our Christian religion is based on - the same God.

You might want to try to find some facts on the Crusades too. As a Christian, I was quite devastated to learn that actually, when we saw the Jews struggling against the Muslims - We stole Jerusalem for ourselves.

Jews are God's people. God lives in Israel - that's what the Christian old testament says.

Only satan would be this invested in making sure God's people are forever persecuted.

Anyway - it was very successful at dividing people.











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Please quote the Bible prophecy about a red cow and the rebuilding of a third temple prior to the coming of the Messiah. I see no such prophecy in the Bible - anywhere. It seems that under the 'guise of prophecy' you have sprouted rumor rather than fact. There is no 'red cow' or third temple in the Book of Revelation. Quotations please.

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Hamas released a detailed explanation for their Oct 7 attack. It's important and thus not receiving fair media coverage. I've posted it at https://mikehampton.substack.com/p/oct-7-hamas-tells-their-side-of-the and I'm making the exception to post this message on a dozen substacks. I'm not self-promoting. Use the press release as you wish, and then delete my comment. Thanks.

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