Who is “Stephen Reason?”

email: season.of.reason@protonmail.com

“Stephen Reason” is the pseudonym of an individual who has been actively researching and presenting material on our contrived “pandemic crisis” since July 2020.

He is an independent journalist, polemicist, satirist, writer and researcher, who delights in the art of prose, and in presenting information in an impactful and stylistic manner. Although the majority of his current writing critiques the global and local  “pandemic” response, he also examines all significant geopolitical and sociopolitical trends, intrigues and crises.

Focusing on Australia, predominantly Victoria, he has written and freely shared over 400 articles, research pieces, and satirical observations. Due to relentless censorship and deliberate content throttling on other platforms, he has chosen to present a chronology of his writings on Substack as a means of preserving an archive of material for posterity, and present curiosities.          

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An extensive chronology of pandemic writings focused on Australia, Victoria (2020-present); incisive geopolitical and sociopolitical critique. "Unto the Darkness offer Light; Rise up, and stand to reason."


Unto the Darkness offer Light; rise up, and stand to reason.