Just listening to a recent discussion Senator Antic had with staff from the Department Home Affairs. Staff explained that the department has and does use a "service provider" to discern whether social media comments breach the media outlet's own guidelines. The context here is Covid dis/mis information.

Guidelines as to what to look out for are provided from the Department of Health. The service provider finds, for example, a Facebook breach and refers it back to Home Affairs. The department then contacts Facebook who culls the person or the comment. So our Home Affairs ad Health departments work for social media companies.

Senator Antic asked Labor's Senator Murray Watt whether we should expect the same behaviour with regard to The Voice. Senator Watt would not answer.


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Reminds me of the “Back it up” clip from Ant-Man 😂

🎥 https://youtu.be/Vxn7LZAzqhY

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May 23, 2023Liked by Stephen Reason

Bloody good post by Tony Ryan on this today too: https://oziz4oziz.substack.com/p/the-voice

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Are you serious, Australian government has sold us out for years...... we are already under foreign ownership! Have been for decades.

If you agree with Australians not having a proper constitution and supporting a monarchy/ Australian hoch botch dysfunctional greed driven system you my friends have already supported foreign ownership of this Country and all its assets ( if you look at this Great country that way.)

Saying that the UN is going to take our lands from us is a total falsehood!

It's already been taken from us, wake up Australia.

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What about the statement from Albenese in the beginning that if the referendum was a failure, he was going to legislate it meaning they win in any case.

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